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ChurchNext is an on-line learning site with an extensive list of classes.  Many are free and few are more than $10.00 for an individual.  Take them at home – take them as a group!   In the words of the ChurchNext founders:

“We’re on a mission to make disciples.

It’s Christianity’s oldest mission but with a new twist: online learning. The expert teaching, convenience, and affordability of online learning have created vast possibilities for Christian discipleship and formation.

A few years ago clergy, teachers, instructional designers, and developers came together around this idea, which led to ChurchNext.

Our vision is for every church in America to have its own online school – and for every person to have access to practical, trustworthy religious teaching from an informed and moderate perspective.

This is why we do what we do: ChurchNext makes online learning experiences that shape disciples.”

This week “The Big Class” kicked off Called to Common Good – Economic Inequality and What Christians Can Do About It with Cornel West.    More than 700 students of all ages  from 17 countries are now taking this course which is free and available until January 21, 2015.  If you haven’t signed up – click here to do so.

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