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LivingCompassLiving Compass, grounded in Scripture and the tradition of the Church, is a faith-based wellness ministry that provides resources, coaching, education, training, and support to individuals, families, and congregations as they seek to live the abundant life God intends for them. The Church is the original “wellness center.” Therefore, when modern churches have a comprehensive focus on wellness and wholeness, it is a practical return to our roots as Christians. Remember, the word wholeness comes from the same root as holy and holiness.

For Christians, we are called to seek wholeness, wellness, and holiness in the totality of our lives — heart, soul, strength and mind. We do this by intentionally seeking God in our daily lives by allowing God and our faith to be our compass in all dimensions of that life. When our Christian communities focus on wellness and healing and people within those communities speak honestly with one another and support one another, we all have a better chance of being whom God dreams us to be.

The Rev. Scott Stoner developed the Living Compass program to help us and teach us about living fully into our individual and collective wellness.  Several Trinity parishioners have been trained to lead Living Compass groups.  Their reflections are here.  You can learn more about the program on its website, www.livingcompass.org


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