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Paul Mutuku is an Evangelist.  When the American supported church in which he had been serving as a minister in Machakos, Kenya  stopped funding his position several years ago, Paul answered a call.  Paul went forward on faith, trusting that God would provide for him and his family as he pursued his ministry.  Apparently that faith was well placed, for he has continued to  bring scores of souls to Jesus Christ while mobilizing a community to help the less fortunate among them.  He founded the  Trinitiy Christian Ministry Centre, building a simple structure where the faithful could gather.  This was undertaken by the new church community in part with funds sent by Trinity Episcopal Church’s outreach committee.  A small amount by US standards, but a meaningful gift of love and support for Paul. He says not a week goes by without the church welcoming a new member “giving their live over to Jesus Christ”

Some of the things Paul has been able to accomplish in the two years of his ministry include: raising money for hospital bills and  funeral for a fellow minister who lost his wife, the family’s main breadwinner and mother of his three small children; build a simple home for a widow and her son, and another for an elderly woman living in pitiful conditions; purchase mattresses, towels, food and school uniforms for orphans; build an outdoor kitchen in the churchyard  so meals could be prepared and served to children attending school held in the church; host evangilism events about every 2-3 months, including activities for the youth of the community.  Most recently we received an excited e-mail from Paul saying he approached a wealthy man in the community and got 120 pairs of black rubber shoes donated. All the while, Paul has continued praying for Trinity’s mission and ministry, praying that we “spend time with those who have the Outreach virus and you will catch it. ”


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