The word vestry stems from the Latin vestire (“to clothe, to put on”). Originally the word referred to the room where the priest would put on his vestments, at which time local laity would meet with him to discuss the affairs of the parish. Later, the word came to refer to the leaders, instead of the room. The vestry is the governing board of a local Episcopal parish: an elected group of representatives charged with the administrative and fiscal management of the parish, its funds and physical property, and with working in tandem with the clergy to develop the spiritual direction of the church. They are leaders in the parish, but their role is to help facilitate the ministry of the members, rather than to perform it on their behalf.

At Trinity, our bylaws specify a vestry consisting of nine members. Vestry members are elected in groups of three to staggered three year terms. In addition to the elected members of the vestry, parish leadership includes two “wardens”. The roles of the wardens vary between Episcopal churches, but in general the Senior Warden is charged with direct care of the clergy and with leadership of the vestry. In addition, in the absence of a Rector, the Senior Warden presides over the parish. The Junior Warden is generally given responsibility for the physical property and buildings of the church and is often the liaison to the buildings and grounds committee. At Trinity, our wardens work together as a leadership team to direct the work of the vestry and to care for both the clergy and membership. Wardens are elected to one-year terms. All elections take place at the parish’s annual meeting which is held each year in January. There are term limits of two 3 year terms for vestry and three one year terms for wardens.

Parochial leadership in the Episcopal Church is shared between the rector (pastor) and the vestry, an elected group of representatives charged with the administrative and fiscal management of the parish. Trinity’s current vestry members, including the wardens who hold leadership positions, are below. We welcome your input and feedback, as well as your prayers.

The vestry meets monthly and all meetings are open to the membership of the parish. An executive committee consisting of the clergy, wardens, treasurer and clerk meets typically one week prior to each vestry meeting to finalize agenda items and prepare for the upcoming meeting. The dates of vestry meetings appear in the church calendar and minutes of each meeting are summarized in the Tidings, the church’s monthly newsletter, and posted in full in the parish hall. As the vestry is a representative form of governance in the church, all members are available at any time to hear the suggestions or concerns of the parish members.

The wardens for 2018 are:

The members of the 2018 vestry and their term ending dates are:

Minutes of each monthly and special vestry meeting are posted on the vestry bulletin board in the parish hall.