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The Trinity Church Foundation Inc. was formed in May, 1998 by the Trinity Vestry to manage the long-term assets

of Trinity Church and provide a secure, perpetual source of revenue for the church and its outreach programs. The Foundation gives 5% of its assets to the church annually, and invests the rest so it will continue to grow and produce income for future generations at Trinity.

Trinity Church is the sole owner of the Foundation. The Trinity members who formed the Foundation believed ardently that it should be a guardian of     long-term funds, protecting principal, and providing an anchor for the future financial health of the parish and its charitable and educational work.

A seven-member Board of Directors oversees the Foundation by approving the amount to be given to the church each year, monitoring investment performance and hiring and working with outside investment professionals. The Board is made up of the Rector, the Senior Warden, and five members in good standing serving staggered five-year terms, elected by the Vestry.

The Foundation is structured to receive donations and bequests and set them to work for the long-term. You may make a gift to the Foundation at any time, name the Foundation in your will, or designate the Foundation as a memorial gift. You may also direct all or part of a gift or memorial made to Trinity Church to the Foundation for investment. All donations are tax-deductible.

If you would like more information about the Foundation, please contact the church office, Rector, Senior Warden or Foundation President.

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